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MSR mustang special line

We  have seen all the stumbling block  parts that hold up  restoring or modifying  a mustang,   this is justa small sampling of  what  we  manufacture ,  MSR parts made  to  better  the hobby!  
partial restoration 85 gt

The 85 GT ,  a highly "favorite" among the mustang crowd,   this   

owner    wanted to   save its stock condition and  makeadialy driver without breaking the bank,       he kept running into

$10000  estimates at  shops.      

   $5000  sounded better  so we   applied  street mild grade paint job   and   mechanical services  such as   all  fluids,   tuneup,    weatherstrip,    brakes and  an extensive   mechanical list   to   put into   a nice street driver,         what ajoy to drive   like  back in time....... 

by Karen vonhentschel MSRF project drag design

Economy  pending, Future  drag  project Msrf ,inc  design   by  Karen von hentschel.




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